Theme and Subthemes

The main theme of this conference is border, transportation, and space. The sub themes include the following topics:

  1. Borders in global research
  2. Borders in locality
  3. Borders of identity movements
  4. Borders in body, well-being and of being human
  5. Borders in sexual politics and gender identity struggles
  6. Borders in policymaking
  7. Borders in arts
  8. Borders in media and communications technology
  9. Borders in space and place
  10. Borders in maritime security and issues
  11. Borders in language, culture and multilingualism
  12. Borders in history or (his/her)story
  13. Borders in literature and culture
  14. Borders in education
  15. Transport and transportation
  16. Transport and connectivity
  17. Transport and identity
  18. Space and identity
  19. Space and time as the basis of being
  20. Regulation in borders, transports, and spaces