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Judisium, Graduation, and Degree

Yudisium and graduation related to student status. Students who have done Yudisium are considered to graduate and eligible to attend graduation. In addition, students are entitled to a degree according to the type / level taken by the student.


The judiciary or the determination of the graduation of a student is held immediately after the student meets the IPK requirement, the number of credits established, and the scientific articles in the scientific journals. For Japanese Literature students are required to have a certificate of graduation JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) equivalent N3. In addition, undergraduate students must take a Credit System Achievement (SKP) of at least 100 SKP in accordance with Rector Decree number: 7 / H3 / PR / 2009 dated August 18, 2009.

Graduation Predicate

  • Students who have passed the graduation are given a predicate of graduation based on IPK as follows:
  • Pass satisfactorily, if IPK: 2.00 – 2.75
  • Passed very satisfactorily, if IPK: 2.76 – 3.50
  • Passed with praise, if IPK: 3.51 – 4.00
  • IPK is calculated from the first semester to the end of the study; special for cum laude is given additional requirement, that is maximum study period of 5 (five) years for S1 degree.


  • Any student who has been graduated in the Yudisium must attend the graduation;
  • ELPT value of at least 450 for Bachelor (S1) in accordance with Rector Decree number: 5601 / J03 / PP / 2008 dated July 3, 2008 on ELPT Value Standard (English Language Proficiency Test)
  • Students attending the graduation as referred to in paragraph (1) shall be granted a Charter and a diploma;
  • Students who do not attend the graduation as referred to in paragraph (1) cannot take a diploma;
  • In certain cases / reasons, the Rector may grant permission to a student who does not attend the graduation as referred to in paragraph (1), in order to obtain a diploma.


Graduated students receive diplomas, transcripts of value, and information about the achievements or predicates that they achieve and are entitled to use the Bachelor of Humanities (S.Hum.) For S1 graduates.

Study Time Limit

The study time limit is the time limit for students completing their study for Bachelor.


Calculation of study time limit used is 2n-1: n is the normal study period planned and determined by the Faculty of Humanities Airlangga University, namely: for S1 program is 4 (four) years so the study time limit (2 x 4) – 1 = 7 (seven) years.


  • For transfer students, the time of study that has been pursued in the high school / faculty of origin is included in the eligible study time limits.
  • For students over the course of study, the study time taken on the original course of study is included in the eligible study time limits.
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