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Top 9 Reasons to Choose FIB Unair for Your Ideal Campus Experience

When it comes to selecting the perfect campus for your educational journey, numerous factors come into play. Discover why the Faculty of Humanities (FIB) at Universitas Airlangga (Unair) stands out as the optimal choice with these nine compelling reasons:

1. **Exceptional Accreditation for All Study Programs**
Experience excellence across study programs such as English Language and Literature, Indonesian Language and Literature, Japanese Studies, and History. These programs have garnered international and national ‘A’ accreditation, reflecting the highest standards in lecturers’ qualifications, curriculum design, advanced learning facilities like language laboratories and libraries. Count on FIB Unair to nurture you into a skilled and competent professional in your chosen field.

2. **Global Exposure and Networking Opportunities**
Immerse yourself in a culturally diverse environment by engaging with international partners. FIB Unair facilitates credit transfers and student exchange programs with esteemed institutions like the Asian African Institute at Universitat Hamburg (Germany), Asia University (Taiwan), KITLV Leiden (Netherlands), Iwate University, and Nara University (Japan). This exposure enriches your educational journey and broadens your horizons.

3. **Accelerated Dual-Degree Path**
Embark on a fast-track journey to earn both your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees within just five years. FIB Unair pioneers this efficient program that empowers you to attain advanced qualifications in a shorter span, propelling you ahead in your career.

4. **Abundant Scholarship Opportunities**
Unlock a world of financial support through FIB Unair’s collaborations with prestigious scholarship awarding institutions. From LPDP and KIP to Friends of Pertamina, VDMI, and more, numerous avenues are available to assist you in funding your education.

5. **Diverse and Targeted Student Activities**
Beyond academics, FIB Unair offers a rich array of extracurricular activities to nurture your passions and talents. Engage in theater, music, karawitan, scientific debates, journalism, traditional and modern dance, and much more. Participate in national and international competitions to showcase your skills.

6. **Versatile Career Opportunities**
Upon graduating from FIB Unair, a world of diverse professional paths opens up to you. Join the ranks of successful journalists, diplomats, literary writers, editors, curators, researchers, educators, and more. Your FIB Unair education equips you for success across various sectors.

7. **Robust Alumni Network**
Benefit from a wide-reaching network of FIB Unair alumni spanning cities, countries, and esteemed institutions. Leverage their experiences and insights to guide your career development, making your transition from student to professional smoother.

8. **Extensive National Industry Connections**
FIB Unair provides valuable learning experiences and internships with key Indonesian entities, including government offices, cultural institutions, and corporations like Culture and East Java Provincial Offices, Surabaya City Government, and PT PAL. Gain hands-on insights for your future career.

9. **Prime City-Center Location**
Situated at the heart of Surabaya, FIB Unair boasts a strategic location just minutes away from Surabaya Gubeng Station, the iconic Jalan Tunjungan city center, RS Dr. Soetomo Surabaya, and Juanda International Airport. Surrounding the campus are numerous cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants, making it an ideal hub for learning, discussions, and relaxation.

Choose FIB Unair as your gateway to an exceptional educational journey and a promising future. Experience excellence, global exposure, and abundant opportunities that will shape your path to success.

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