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Why FIB Unair

9 Reasons Why it should be FIB Unair
There are many considerations when someone chooses his ideal campus. So, you should choose the Faculty of Humanities (FIB) Universitas Airlangga for the nine cool reasons below

1.All Study Programs Accredited ‘A’ (Excellent)
English Language and Literature Study Programs, Indonesian Language and Literature, Japanese Studies, and History are all accredited international and national A or have achieved the title of excellence. This means that the qualifications of lecturers, curriculum, learning facilities such as language laboratories, and libraries, have been proven and tested to form you as a qualified and tested candidate according to your chosen field of study.

2. International Exposure
FIB Unair is ready to invite you to socialize and study with international partners. You can take the credit transfer/student exchange program at the Asian African Institute Universitat Hamburg, Germany; join the double degree program at Asia University Taiwan; adventure in the archives at KITLV Leiden, Netherlands; or explore Japanese culture directly at Iwate University, Nara University, and other world-renowned campuses.

3. Fast-track: 5 years of graduating S1 (Bachelor) and S2 (Master)
FIB Unair has a fast-track program that can accelerate your study period faster and at the same time get a Bachelor of Humanities and Master of Humanities degrees. FIB Unair is one of the pioneers of this accelerated study program.

4. Various Scholarship Opportunities
FIB Unair has various collaborations and commitments with scholarship awarding institutions. You can access scholarships from the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP), Indonesia Smart College Card (KIP), Friends of Pertamina, Brilliant, Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia (VDMI), and others.

5. Targeted Student Activities
Non-academic activities at FIB are also very complete to channel your interests and expressions. There is theatre, music, karawitan, scientific debate, journalism, traditional dance, modern dance, and others. FIB also routinely enrolls its students in competitions at both national and international levels

6. Diverse Job Prospects
After graduating from FIB Unair, you can pursue a career in various professions. Many graduates of FIB Unair become journalists, diplomats and ministry staff, literary writers, editors, art and museum curators, archivists, activists, researchers, even professionals in the field of education as teachers, tutors and lecturers.

7. Solid Alumni Network
FIB Unair has a network of alumni spread across various cities, countries and leading institutions. So, you can get a lot of information and opportunities for career development from alumni who are ready to share their experiences with you.

8. Productive National Network
FIB Unair is ready to give you learning experiences and apprenticeships to companies, government agencies, and important institutions in Indonesia such as the Culture and East Java Provincial Offices, Surabaya City Government, PT PAL, as well as other BUMN and BUMD which are strategic for pursuing a career.

9. Strategic Location
The location of FIB Unair is very strategic in the city center. Only 5 minutes from Surabaya Gubeng Station, 10 minutes from Jalan Tunjungan which is the city center and iconic landmark of Surabaya, 5 minutes from RS Dr. Soetomo Surabaya, and 30 minutes from Juanda International Airport Surabaya. Around the campus, there are many places for discussion and hanging out such as cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, which you can reach very easily.

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