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Study Planning

In planning the study, students should consider the following steps:

  • making SOP payments through banks designated by Universitas Airlangga
  • students under the guidance of Academic Advisors compile their study plans with study load in accordance with the latest Semester Performance Index (IPS), except for new students whose study load is already in one package;
  • Students Program Card Study Plan (KRS) at UACC (Universitas Airlangga Cyber ​​Campus) online through Cybercampus.unair.ac.id website;
  • Students who do not program the KRS at the specified time are not allowed to participate in curricular activities or are not enrolled in lecture activities during the semester;
  • Students are responsible for charging KRS. If there are errors (e.g. course code, course name, etc.), programmable courses are inaccessible;
  • Students must ensure courses can be taken and not in conjunction with other courses;
  • Students can make improvements to the study plan through the KPRS program according to the schedule determined by the Faculty;
  • After the period of the KPRS program is closed, the student may only cancel the course and there will be no change of course;
  • The student must ensure that the courses taken in the online KRS / KPRS have been approved by the academic supervisor, as evidenced through the print of KRS / KPRS Cybercampus prior to the expiration of the KRS / KPRS period.


Academic Leave, College Dropouts, and Continuing Education

Academic leave, college dropout, and continuing education related to student activities in teaching and learning process in universities.

Academic Leave

Academic leave is the status of a student who is legitimately permitted by the rector not to attend academic activities for 1 (one) semester;

  • During the course of study, students are permitted to take academic leave for a maximum of 2 (two) semesters but not consecutively;
  • In certain cases / reasons, the Rector may grant a permit for academic leave for 2 (two) consecutive semesters;
  • Academic leave is only granted to students who have completed four (4) consecutive semesters for S-1 and 2 (two) consecutive semesters for S-2;
  • During academic leave, the student must be in a registered status

Academic leave is not calculated in the evaluation of the study period.

No Lecture Due to Sanctions

The students who cannot attend the lecture due to academic sanction, if they wanted to re-register, they must appeal to the rector. The deadline for completion of the study has not changed and remains considered since the first registered enrolled as a student of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences.

College Dropouts

  • Students who do not attend lectures for 2 (two) consecutive semesters without notice to Faculty Education Sub-Section are declared to drop out automatically.
  • Administrative negligence in continuing education
  • Students who do not pay SOPs for 1 (one) semester or more cannot do study plan.
  • Evaluate the success of student studies
  • Evaluation of student’s success is done to get information about student’s success in achieving the learning objectives as formulated in the curriculum. Evaluation is done by certain mechanism in the form of examination, assignment, quiz, report writing, and various other evaluations.
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