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Learning Assessment System In the assessment system obtained information about the level of student achievement. Based on this assessment system can be known students who excel very good, good, enough, less, and very less. The value of student achievement of a subject at the end of the semester will be expressed in symbols of letters, namely A (4), AB (3.5), B (3), BC (2.5), C (2), D (1), and E (0). Implementation of assessment of student learning outcomes in specific subjects that have been taken Implementation of the assessment to determine the learning outcomes of a student in a particular course that he took was done through the following way.
  • Course lecturer sets the score (ranged between ​​0 to 100) with a view to indicating his or her assessment of the student’s learning outcomes in the course that he or she has;
  • The lecturer makes a relative assessment of student learning outcomes that have been calculated according to the following conditions.
Value of Score    Range          Score Value A                         75 – 100                    4 AB                       70 – 74,9                   3,5 B                         65 – 69,9                   3 BC                       60 – 64,9                   2,5 C                         55 – 59,9                    2 D                         40 – 54,9                   1 E                           0 – 39.9                  0
  • The semester grade of each course must be entered at UACC by the lecturer in charge of the course (PJMK) no later than two weeks after the final exams of the semester. The print out value is submitted to the administration of the course.
Value Conversions, Courses, and Student Exchange SKS In relation to the student exchange program, the Faculty of Humanities (FIB) establishes matters relating to the conversion of recognized grades, courses, and credits.
  • Value Conversions
Grade                    ACTS                   FIB                  Conversion A                           80-100                                          A A-                          75-79                   >75                  A B+                         70-74                   70-74.9           AB B                           65-69                   65-69.9           B B-                          60-64                   60-64.9           BC C+                         55-59                   55-59.9           C C                           50-54                   50-54.9           C C-                          45-49                   45-49.9           C D+                         40-44                   <45                 D D                           35-39                                          D F                            <34                                            E
  • Course Conversion
Conversions made based on:
  1. Similarity in the content and the name of the course;
  2. Competence which includes: the course, course code, load, semester, prerequisite subject, competence, description, method, media, reference;
  3. Document Standard.
  • SKS Conversion
  1. To the extent possible the number of credits earned at the destination college will be fully recognized by converting it to the same competency course;
  2. In the event that the course taken there is not the same as his / her course with the course in the course of study of origin will be recognized according to the amount of credit of the converted course; for example, 4 credits turned into 2 credits;
  3. In the case of courses pursued there no one has the same competence in the course of study of origin it will be recognized as document supplement.
Grade Point Semester Credit System recognizes two types of Achievement Index, Semester Achievement Index (IPS) and Cumulative Achievement Index (IPK). IPS is a measure of the success of students in taking courses in one semester, while the IPK is a measure of student success calculated from the beginning of the study until the last semester that has been followed. The amount of IPS and IPK can be calculated as follows:   IPS = Σ (Ks x N) ΣKs   IPK = Σ (Kk x N) ΣKk Under the condition: Ks = the number of credits of courses taken in the semester; Kk = the number of credits of courses ever taken from the beginning to the corresponding semester without fail value (letter value E) N = the weight value of each course Based on the IPS obtained in the previous semester, the student’s learning load is calculated for the next semester. Improvement of Achievement Index Students receiving E for compulsory subjects must improve their grades by taking a repeat course in the academic year or the following semester. Improvement of achievement index can be done by students by repeating the course. Students who reprogram the courses are still required to attend the lectures and exam courses.
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