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Graduate's Profile and Achievements


Graduates of Faculty of Humanities have a big chance to work at several companies, both State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and Private. They can work for Unit of Preservation and Cultural Heritage, Bank, Tourism Office, National Archive of Republic of Indonesia and Regional Archive Office, Ministry of Internal Affair and Foreign Affair, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Social Affair, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Mass Media (Journalist), Lecturer at Higher Education, etc.


  1. Graduates have religious moral integrity, national and cultural insights, and ability to apply scientific thinking in Indonesian and global context in order to support their professional activities. Graduates are able to utilize IPTEK (Science and Technology) in searching sources of history in material, textual, and oral form in a historical research and be able to adapt to circumstances during the problem solving.
  2. Graduates have general mastery of theoretical concept of certain field, deep understanding of the theoretical concept of the chosen field’s specific part, and basic concept in history as well as baing capable to formulate procedural problem solving.
  3. Graduates are capable to make proper decision based on analysis on information and historical sources, capable to give directions in selecting alternative solutions both as an individual and as a group.
  4. Graduates are responsible for their own work and can be given responsibility for the organization’s work results.
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