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Evaluation of Study Results

Evaluation of student study result is done as follows:

  • Evaluation of semester study results is done at the end of each semester for courses programmed by students in the semester which is stated with Semester Achievement Index (IPS);
  • Evaluation of study result of S1 is conducted at the end of the second year, end of the fourth year, and at the end of the seventh year if not graduated yet;
  • Evaluation results are used as a basis for determining whether students are allowed to continue or discontinue studies;
  • Students are allowed to continue their studies if they have collected at least half the number of credits programmed into the curriculum with a minimum IPK of = 2.00;
  • If the student has accumulated more than the minimum number of credits with a IPK of less than 2.00, the study evaluation is determined by calculating the best value as much as minimal credits;
  • The minimum credits for each course are listed in the curriculum of each study program;
  • Students are declared to have completed their studies if they have collected at least minimum credits (144 credits) with a minimum IPK of 2.00, no E score, got D as much as 20% of the total credits, completed the thesis with the value at least C, and have followed the graduation determination process(Yudisium);
  • If the IPK achieved is less than required, the student may correct the value obtained, as long as the allowed study deadline has not been exceeded;
  • For improved courses of value, the highest value ever achieved is used in the evaluation.

Total credits that must be obtained by students:

  1. S1 Indonesian Literature Program 144-160 credits
  2. S1 English Literature Program 144-160 credits
  3. S1 Science Program History 144-160 credits
  4. Undergraduate Program Japanese Literature 144-160 credits
  5. Program Transfers 76-94sks
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