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Academic Sanctions

Students are prohibited from doing:

  • cheating, i.e., acts committed by students consciously (deliberately) using or attempting to use information materials or other study aids without the consent of the supervisor or examiner;
  • counterfeit, that is the deed done by the student intentionally change or change the value or academic transcript, diploma, student identity card, tasks in lecture / tutorial / practice / exam, certificate, report, or signature in the scope of academic activities ;
  • performs a plagiarism act, i.e. an act done by a student deliberately using sentence, data, or other person’s work as a work of his own (without mentioning the original source) in an academic activity;
  • Bribery and / or threatening, i.e., act by the student to influence or try to influence others in order to influence the assessment of academic achievement;
  • Damaging academic facilities for any purpose;
  • substituting the position of others in academic activities, ie, acts committed by the student by substituting the position or performing duties or activities for the benefit of others on his / her own will;
  • ordering others to take the place of academic activity, that is, the actions the student undertakes by instructing others to replace the position or perform the duties or activities both for the sake of themselves and for the interests of others;
  • Cooperate without authorization during oral or written test, by gesture or by electronic means; or
  • Taking exams without permission.

Any violation of the above provisions may be subject to sanctions in the form of:

  • Verbal and written warning;
  • Cancellation of examination scores for the courses or academic activities;
  • Failing to pass the course or academic activity;
  • Not passing all courses in the current semester;
  • Not allowed to attend academic activities at any given time; or
  • Dismissal or expulsion from Universitas Airlangga.
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