Dr. Mochtar Lutfi, S.S., M.Hum.
Welcome Head of the Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program

“Indonesian Studies in the context of linguistic, literary and philological studies in the era of digital technology 4.0. turned out to require academics to answer the challenges of the times. Now, enthusiasts of Indonesian studies in the West also demand that we can provide digitally accessible primary sources and scientific studies. In this case, we should adapt to help access that information smartly. In an effort to introduce the study of Indonesian language, literature and philology internationally, we also need to realize the motto of "Excellence with Morality" Universitas Airlangga. The Indonesian Language and Literature S1 Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Airlangga University has a vision to produce graduates who are familiar with technology and of good quality at the academic level and have strong soft skills. This is achieved by making the curriculum based on the concept of qualifications of the Indonesian national framework as the core of learning outcomes. The Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program has three areas of specialization, namely linguistics, literature, and philological studies. This specialization is expected to prepare prospective graduates to have excellent analytical skills in language studies, literature and philology. This is very necessary, especially in the global and modern era in the digital 4.0 era. like this time. That is why independence, creativity, collaboration, and other soft skills are needed to support the success of graduates in the world of work. These competencies are not enough if they are not accompanied by knowledge in the cognitive domain and applicable skills. Therefore, the Indonesian Language and Literature S1 Study Program provides its students with several cognitive, applicable and appreciative courses such as Drama performance, Lexicography, Indonesian Language for Foreigners, Preservation of Indonesian Manuscripts etc. The goal is for graduates to be immediately absorbed in the job market, especially in the fields of industry, media/journalism, education, tourism, information business and government.”

Department Board

Department Secretary

Mardhayu Wulan Sari, S.Hum., M.A

Head of Linguistics

Dra. Dwi Handayani, M.Hum.

Head of Literature

Bramantio, S.S., M.Hum.

Head of Philology

Dr. Abimardha Kurniawan, S.Hum., M.A.

Adjunct Professor

Universitas Leiden

Dr. Suryadi

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Dr. Junaini Binti Kasdan

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Vision and Mission


The Indonesian Language and Literature Programme engages in developing Linguistics, Literature, and Philology that are oriented to strengthening local cultural studies and creating independent, innovative, critical, and renown academics and practitioners at the national or international levels based on religious morals.

To achieve its vision, Indonesian Language and Literature Programme set missions as follow.

1. Develop studies that are oriented to strengthening local cultural studies and contemporary issues in the areas of Linguistics, Literature, and Philology.

2. Conduct education in the areas of Linguistics, Literature, and Philology according to up-to-date tech-based courses using online methods.

3. Develop innovative basic research, applied research, and policy-related research either traditional or contemporary issues in the areas of Linguistics, Literature, and Philology to support the development of education and community engagement.

4. Devote the expertise of Linguistics, Literature, and Philology to the society.

5. Improve independency in the practices of Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi (Three Pillars of Higher Education) through the development of modern institutional management which is oriented to the quality and competency at the international level.


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Graduates Profiles

Graduates Profile: The main purpose of the establishment of the Indonesian Language and Literature Programme, Universitas Airlangga, is to enrich the nation through education development to produce graduates who have high morality, be highly knowledgeable in the fields of linguistics, literature, and old manuscripts studies, and have good performance, good soft skills, and high empathy to the society. By referring to the vision and missions described in the previous chapter, the graduates of this programme are expected to be a creator, a communicator, a researcher, and a professional.

  • Literature Work Creator – Able to develop ideas, create original work, and be responsive to the development of science, technology and art.
  • Communicator – Able to communicate effectively in spoken and written language and have interpersonal skills.
  • Researcher – Able to conduct research in the fields of language, literature, text and culture based on scientific methods that are responsive to the demands of science and technology developments.
  • Professional – Able to think critically, work together, and apply knowledge in professional environment proportionally.

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Faculty Members

Moch. Jalal S.S.,M.Hum

Dr. Ni Wayan Sartini, Dra., M.Hum.

Puji Karyanto, S.S., M.Hum

Bramantio, S.S., M.Hum

Outstanding Alumni

Your experience does not stop when you graduate.

Anang Santosa
Head Langguage Office of East Kalimantan Province
"The knowledge of literature and language that i got at that time has been able to enrich my understanding of how humans need nature, ethics, identity, and means of expression in carrying out their live and lives. "
Agusniar Dian Savitri
Head Magister of Educational Language and Literature, Universitas Negeri Surabaya
"Through field practice activities, we learn to live in a society we have never met, new situations, and different cultures, and learn to understand different cultures, views and ways of life."
Diah Yulianti
Scientific Courses and Conference Manager European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Germany
"Something the most very meaningful to me is the warmth of the lecturers and the academic community. I always feeling part the big family of Indonesian Language and Literature Programme, Faculty of Hummanities."
Khilmi Mauliddian
Lecture of Indonesian for Foreigner Universitas Brawijaya
"the opportunity to learn and to hone my potential organization and leadership, was also wide open. From all that i have learned during my studies, in the end i was able to become a strong provision in my career."

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