An undergraduate thesis review is a discussion program of chosen theses with the aim to supply students with the experience of writing thesis as well as drawing alumni and active students closer.
The thesis entitled “Islam in the Capital of Majapahit during the XIV-XV Century” by Adrian Perkasa, S.Hub.Int., S.Hum, M.A., was reviewed in the Public Discussion of Thesis Review entitled “Islam in the Capital of Majapahit during the XIV-XV Century”, which was held by the HMD of Historical Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Airlangga. The event was held in the Chairil Anwar room, Faculty of Humanities on Thursday (15/3).
This public discussion presented three speakers, which were Adrian Perkasa, S.Hub.Int., S.Hum., M.A., as writer, Eka Nurul Farida as The 2017 FIB’s Most Outstanding Student, and F.F. Iwa Logika as moderator.
The event began with an opening from Eka Nurul Farida. She claimed that the thesis entitled “Islam in the Capital of Majapahit during the XIV-IV Centuries” was a unique and interesting work. Hence, the limit of the temporal thesis was very long, which was one full century. Moreover, the thesis offered a new analysis that actually the traces of the oldest development of Islam could be found in Troloyo.
On that occassion, Adrian revealed that the idea of the thesis writing started from an emotional closeness. Meanwhile, for intellectual closeness with the thesis itself was obtained from his love of reading history books since elementary school although at that time history books were still very limited and hard to find.
His love for history and archeology as well as Majapahit brought Adrian to enter Historical Sciences Unair although at first his parents did not give him approval. This made him take the double degree with the International Relations program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Unair.
“I entered because of Majapahit, so I had to graduate because of Majapahit”, described this Historical Sciences lecturer, Faculty of Humanities, whilst explaining the reason behind the thesis writing of “Islam in the Capital of Majapahit during the XIV-IV Centuries”.
Moreover, he also admitted that his interest to write about Majapahit was because there was a major lack of Indonesian researchers who studied Majapahit although there were so many aspects which had not been explored yet. All this time even studies about Majapahit were still dominated by researchers from abroad.
Adrian also said that thesis should not only be written as a mere graduation requirement.
“Thesis should be beneficial to the society. Works of thesis should not pile up and be part of ivory tower without giving any contribution to the society,” he added.
Next, in the discussion session, participants looked enthusiastic to ask questions. This event was later closed by a review from Eka Nurul Farida.

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